Exercise Tips: Everything In Moderation

Exercise TipsNew studies suggest that short bouts of exercise can help increase self-control and boost brain function, which can be an added benefit if you are trying to lose weight or get healthy. Scientists believe a person’s self-control may improve because of increased blood flow (during exercise) to the pre-frontal lobes in the brain, which control impulse behavior.  Interval walking is a good example of this as well as one of our great exercise tips.

To ensure your body favors fat burning, exercise at a moderate pace for 20 to 30 minutes. This will maintain your heart rate towards the lower end of your target heart range.  As your body adapts to this routine, incorporate short bursts of increased speed that increases your heart rate.

How to Get Started Exercising:

Interval Walking

Interval Walking is one of the surest ways to get fit, stay healthy, and boost your metabolism. “A recent meta-analysis of studies on exercise and mortality showed that, in general, a sedentary person’s risk of dying prematurely from any cause plummeted by nearly 20 percent if he or she began brisk walking for 30-minutes five times a week.”

Incorporate three, 30-second to 1-minute fast stride sessions during a 30-minute walk. As you get more accustomed to the workout, vary the exercise by adding two more sessions of intensity and so on. Also, think about increasing the time of intensity from 30 seconds to 1 minute / 1 minute to 2 minutes. This is actually more beneficial than increasing the time of your walk at the same pace the whole time. In other words, you can boost your metabolism and get a better workout in a 30 minute interval walk than a 60 minute walk at a steady pace.

Weight/ Resistance Exercise

Both men and women benefit from weight/resistance training. A typical weight/resistance workout means repeating each move 12-15 times before taking a minute to re-hydrate and then repeating the exercise up to three times. Dr. Rodney recommends consulting with a personal trainer who will customize a workout plan for you.

Weight/resistance training requires a warm-up routine that should include stretching and aerobic training. Generally, Dr. Rodney recommends a warm-up routine consisting of stretching for 10 minutes followed by light aerobic exercise for 20 minutes then lifting weights or using resistance bands for 15-20 minutes. An additional stretching for 10 minutes following your workout is ideal. You are less prone to hurting yourself when you incorporate some basic stretching exercises.

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