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Natural Health Solutions

Rodney J. Voisine, owner and founder of Old Ocean House Farms, has degrees in pharmacy and medicine which have fueled his interest in researching and procuring herbs and foods from around the world for their healing and preventative properties. He has spent many years creating natural health solutions through the Dr. Rodney brand of fundamental dietary supplements for those who are embarking on their journey of health renewal. He developed a local weight loss and wellness program that helped over 1600 patients successfully attain healthy weight loss. Recognizing the difficulty patients have maintaining weight loss, he researched and developed a new program based on guidelines backed by medicine and science. In Spring 2014 he launched Anew10, an updated program along with a software application to help patients lose and maintain healthy weight.

While living in Monterey, California he practiced palliative care medicine, serving the needs of cancer patients, with a special interest in pain management and their nutritional needs. He was elected President of the Monterey County Medical Society in 2001 and served as a volunteer medical director for Laguna Seca Raceway and staff physician for the Rotary Free Medical Clinic in Seaside, California. Today, Dr. Voisine lives in Maine where he continues to practice medicine and runs a small farm, focusing on nutrient rich foods and heirloom vegetables. He is an active member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and a clinical fellow in their Advanced Curriculum Program.