Weight Management

Skip Crash Diets, Eat Clean, and Stay Healthy For Life

crash diets

“There are constant triggers that entice us to eat unhealthy foods: a TV commercial that shows a mouth watering dessert; a need to splurge for ice cream at a time of celebration; that comfort that junk food brings us in a time of sadness or desperation; and the ease of the drive thru for a quick, cheap bite. If we try to resist all these temptations, what are our options?

This got me thinking about weight loss and wondering why programs out there failed to, not only, help people lose weight, but keep it off. What I discovered was that the maintenance piece in many ‘fad diets’ and crash diets was either incomplete or was lacking altogether. In 2014, combining science and nutrition I developed a new healthy weight program called Anew10. Anew 10 has three primary components: 1) Eating Clean & Lean proteins 2) Eating Fresh whole foods and 3) Maintaining goal weight through a more diversified diet supported by online software called “Dr. Rodney Cafe” (available exclusively to clients of Anew10 through the app store on iTunes and Android platforms.”

~ Dr. Rodney Voisine

Dr. Rodney’s program, Anew10, offers people a chance to improve health, change body composition and lose weight. Unlike fad crash diets, this program focuses on eating “clean & lean proteins” and maintaining a constant addition of healthy fruits, vegetables and healthy fats, so that you minimize hunger. Along with this, Dr. Rodney has made sure that once you’ve met your weight loss goals, you will have the tools you need for a healthy lifestyle from then on out.