What Is Agritherapeutics?

Functional Foods As Medicine

Functional FoodsCombining the power of science with our knowledge of medicinal foods offers a dynamic approach to combating chronic disease and boosting longevity.

Agritherapeutics refers to functional foods and their constituents, most of which have been used, medicinally, for thousands of years to promote general wellness. Additionally, these foods have provided ways to treat a wide variety of diseases ranging from cardiovascular disease and lethargy to sexual dysfunction.

A window into the past…

The notion that food makes the best cure is the oldest in medicine. These beliefs originated with the ancient cultures of the Ayurvedas, Chinese, Incas, Native Americans and Sumerians. Only in the last century, with the advent of the pharmaceutical industry, has our own culture lost touch with its agritherapeutic roots.

Dr. Rodney Voisine, farm owner, physician and pharmacist, has spent 30 years researching a wide variety of functional foods. In the past two decades, science has identified specific chemicals which possess medicinal properties that exist in foods and herbs. This new knowledge of food based, active ingredients has led to an agritherapeutic renaissance by means of greater emphasis on functional food as medicine and balanced lifestyle choices. To quote Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

The agritherapeutic approach recognizes that there may be variations in nutrients with foods not locally grown and within different varieties of the same species. When necessary, supplements, which are standardized to contain a specific amount of an ingredient, are recommended to promote wellness and treat ailments.

*See chart for functional foods.